The History of Electronic Music – Part I

Today, it is hard to imagine the world without electronic music. Electronic music is very diverse and has many styles. House, techno and trance are considered to be the most popular styles of electronic music. Obviously, electronic music is very popular among people of all ages these days. However, it is especially popular among young people. Moreover, its popularity continues to increase year after year.

A lot of people suggest that the electronic music has been invented recently. However, this opinion is absolutely mistaken. Special attention should be drawn to the fact that electronic music has a long and very interesting history. The history of electronic music began 50 years ago. Do you like electronic music and want to study its history? Here, we are going to tell you about the most important moments of the electronic music history.

Some artists started using electronic instruments in the 1960s. Electronic instruments were actively used by artists of such pop rock bands as The Beatles, Pink Floyd and others. Electronic instruments helped composers create great and very unusual sounds. So, they played a key role in the process of creating their music. It is necessary to say that the electronic music developed quickly and became very popular during 1970s. The electronic music developed especially quickly at the end of 1970s and beginning of 1980s.

For the first time the electronic music was introduced to a wide audience by Kraftwerk during the 1970s. Such bands as Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin also impressed the world with its new, interesting and very unusual music. Musicians of these bands actively used such instruments as synthesizer and vocoder in their work. Electronic music made a good first impression on musicians and music lovers from all over the world. So, it started gaining the popularity very quickly after being introduced into the music scene. Moreover, it turned into the disco music trend in the end of the ’70’s.

The electronic music style became more popular during 1980s. It would be interesting to know that most of the most well-known styles of electronic music like house and trance appeared during 1980s (this period of time is also known as the Synth Era in the history of electronic music).

The musicians of such legendary bands as A-Ha, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys also played a very important role in the history of electronic music. So, music lovers could hear new sounds in the rock music produced by the musicians of these bands. Later, the electronic music was also used by the popular hard rock bands such as The Sisters of Mercy. As a result, a new form of music appeared.

The modern electronic music appeared during the 1990s. New genres of electronic music such as drum ‘n bass, and trance emerged during that period of time. The popular Fruity Loops software (also known as FL Studio) also was developed during the 1990s. This software allowed people to produce their own electronic music easily.

The popularity of Electronic Dance Music significantly increased during the 2000s (this period is also known as the EDM era in the history of electronic music). A lot of new songs and albums came out during this decade. Such genres of electronic dance music as dubstep and trance became very popular in the 2000s as well.

Obviously, the Internet has a huge influence on the development of electronic music. Popular social sites such as FaceBook, YouTube, SoundCloud and many others allow people to share electronic music with each other quickly. Promotion of electronic music has never been so easy. Today, everyone can create the own music and make it available to others in the Internet. You can even sell your electronic music on iTunes store and similar websites.